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Hi! I'm redstripe, or preferably called as Stripe. I'm an amateur Japanese learner who takes interest in animanga stuff and sometimes I go hardcore in gaming. (DragonNest? DJMAX? Final Fantasy? and such.) I actually have an over interest of art, in which every thing I think as artistic becomes something I like. Well, Noisia's DnB music is one of the out-of-category things that I actually like a lot! *o*

My world revolves around art, and sometimes literature. Mangas combine both so you can say I'm a huge fan of mangas, though I'm quite a picky reader :P Also, I translate stuff! With some of my dear companions, I'm currently doing the manga series DOLLS by naked ape. Come check them out at !

Also, I might be an excessive emoticon user orz and I'm not a native speaker of English so--here I go, world!

Third-person style bio is as follows:
Born 27 February, Redstripe (screen name) is an animanga fan, and occasionally a die-hard gamer--when there is a proper and nice game to play. Redstripe, usually called as Stripe or Rysa, also goes on few other screen names such as Auryza and Arin.
Stripe's interest of animanga grew to an indescribable love for art... and anything other she thinks as artistic. Food is one exceptional thing that Stripe is highly fond of.
Other than that, Stripe also takes part in a scanlation project in a manga called DOLLS, by the mangaka group Naked Ape, as a translator-slash-typesetter-slash-cleaner-slash-scanner. Aside DOLLS, Stripe also once took di[e]ce series by Kana Yamamoto and Saki Otoh, and will probably take some other series to translate.
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